Kirkland Modern

Located West of Market Street in Kirkland, this site offers breathtaking views of Lake Washington. To capture these views, the design implements an upstairs deck that also protects against the glaring summer sun and winter rain. The gently curving roof lines add a bit of whimsy to the streetscape. The framing contractor claimed that the home caused weekly traffic jams, as cars stopped in the middle of the street to stare as the construction progressed. It caused more than a few fender benders too! Since these photos were taken, the owners have installed a gate at their entry, as people would pull in to their driveway to stop and look at their home. This home is a testament to the idea that modern architecture can be warm and inviting. Designed to be energy efficient and maximize the views, it is truly a striking prject.


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12040 98th Avenue NE, Suite #102, Kirkland, WA 98034