Kirkland Remodel

This modern Kirkland home has a unique program. It began life as a typical single story rambler. We cut off the existing garage and added a 2000 square foot new home along with a relocated 2 car garage. The end result is a new two story home and a remaining guest suite - all attached as one residence. This way our client has a convenient place for visiting relatives and friends to stay for extended periods of time in their “old” home, while enjoying their brand new home as well. A good example of getting your cake and eating it too!


The bottom floor of the new home is heated with a radiant concrete slab and the upper floor is both heated and cooled with a ducted mini split system. The concrete floors are not stained as is typical for an exposed concrete slab like in a Starbucks but they are sanded. This gives a soft and uniform texture to the floor and is really nice looking too. It all blends with the clean, modern look of the interior of the home. Outside, the home has a more traditional look to blend in better with the existing home and the surrounding neighborhood.


The steel and wood staircase is a great touch that adds lots of interest to the great room. This type of stairway is difficult to design to meet code since there cannot be any open area that can pass a 4” sphere. this is often called the 4” sphere rule. The open treads and cable guard rail were carefully detailed to have a modern open look while still providing the safety mandated by the building codes.



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